A selection of software retail package designs made for the CIA’s Center for Cyber Intelligence cyberweapons from the Vault 7 leaks published by WikiLeaks. Unknown to most of the population, were are in the midst of a rapidly escalating global cyberwar. This war isn’t one with clearly defined borders or groups. Rather, there is a diverse ecology of individuals, criminal groups, private organizations and companies, state sponsored groups, and government intelligence organizations all operating with their own agendas.


eva girbes

Tonhalle Duesseldorf Mendelssohn-Saal digital arts festival pioneer of electronic music live performance: manuel göttsching: e2-e4 „die zeugung des techno aus dem geist des krautrock“ „e2-e4 is the most compelling argument that techno came from germany. and even more so than any kraftwerk album, anyway…“ (funky jeff, canada) and „if you haven‘t heard this before, be prepared for the flight of a lifetime.“

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Post-Graduierten Stipendium

Der Landschaftsverband Rheinland hat für das Jahr 2013 ein Postgraduierten Stipendium für KunststudentInnen der Massana Akademie, Barcelona ausgelobt und mit der Hochschule Düsseldorf dafür einen Kooperationsvertrag geschlossen.

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