Turtle Filmfestival

One week of fearless film related experience within the mystic refusal of enlightenment and the devotion to a superior memento from the dark and magic core of filmmaker Werner Herzog’s body of work. Based in the city of hólmavík in the icelandic westfjords.

In 1963 a giant sea turtle made it all the way from the southern hemisphere to the small town of Hólmavík in the Icelandic Westfjords where it was eventually hit by a fishing boat and died before reaching solid ground. After being towed ashore this most primal of creatures became an icon of great courage knowing that this journey was probably gonna take his life but still giving it a try. 

Together with the nearly 500 inhabitants and the department of design at the University Of Applied Sciences in Düsseldorf, Germany we will hold an experimental filmfest in this unique small town in august 2015. In the preparation period from the 25th of may to 9th of august 2015 there will be an Artist In Residence program and a permanent ecstatic arts center in Hólmavík open all time during these 4 months with movie screenings, concerts, exhibitions, workshops and the possibility of joining in!

It will be open for everyone, for visitors and tourists, students and artists, and last but not least, of course for the people of Hólmavík.

Be surprised and for further information check out our schedule which we will release soon! We believe that the process of watching a movie together has the unique ability to bring together visitors and locals and bond them for a brief time in ways that are otherwise inaccessible to both, building a profound tie of the festival with this place and therefore find and elevate its metaphysical asset hidden to the short-term visitors‘ senses and make it tangible to them. To support the people of Hólmavík not only with the festival, we also offer the inhabitants an specific internship and workshop program during the summer.

Let’s explore new and alternative ways of movie making and screening together! The festival will be open and free for everyone!